Excerpt from Chapter 13

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

Melissa and Chloe walked through the door together and
saw their parents with big smiles on their faces. The two
girls knew that those smiles were signs of good news. The girls ran
into their parent’s arms, and the four of them stood there in a circle
for a long time, hugging and crying without speaking. They then
praised God, then left for the hospital to see their son and brother.
When the Blanchard’s arrived at Tom’s bedside, they ran into Matt
and Sam, and they all laughed, hugged, and cried together again.

After a while, Matt and Sam decided to leave so that the
Blanchard’s could have some private alone time with Tom. As
soon as Matt and Sam were about to step into the elevator, they
ran into Stephen, who was exiting it. Sam gave Stephen a huge
hug and said to him, “Tom is going be okay.”

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