Excerpt from Chapter 10

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

By the time Sam got to the Red Shack Bar, Jesse was already
there, and he did not look like he was in a very good
mood. Sam asked, “What’s the matter with you now?”

“I went over to see Matt,” he replied.

“You did what?”

“I thought that Matt and I could sit down and talk like two
adults, but instead things got out of hand and he threw me out.”

“But, Jesse, you know to stay away from him! Matt is not the
easiest person to talk to, especially if things are not going well for
him. Matt is very strong-headed, and it is very easy to have a confrontation
with him. And besides, he’s never liked seeing you
and Laura together”

“Look who’s walking in the door.”

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