Excerpt from Chapter 9

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

Matt had gotten drunk. The next day he slept on his couch
all day. He really didn’t care if he lived or died. He was
on a guilt trip about what he had done to Tom and Stephen, and
he was taking it really hard. He was not in the mood to talk with
anyone. But he had to be careful because he did not want
Stephen to find out yet, even though he knew that his secret
would come out sooner or later.

Matt started contemplating what he would do to Sam and
how he would do it. All sorts of thoughts started running
through his head. Then his phone rang. It was Megan again, but
he still didn’t answer, so this time she left him a message asking
him to give her a call. She said she really needed to talk with him
about everything that was going on and she didn’t understand
how he could have changed so much.

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