It takes you places that you do not expect. As i sit here at my laptop i am still amazed at how far i have come in my life, i am so grateful to dog ear publishing and the team who has worked tirelessly  putting  this book together, i couldn’t do it without them. Thank you.

Excerpt from Chapter 5

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

When Tom’s parents arrived home, both Melissa and Chloe
were there. Everyone was gathered at the table discussing
Tom’s friends, especially the ones they didn’t know. They were trying
to figure out how he’d come to know them. Melissa jumped up and
said, “Maybe he met them where he works, down at the marina—
where all the rich kids hang out on their parents’ boast’s. Blanchard
said, “That’s odd. Tom always tells us about his friends!”

Mr. Blanchard said, “Well, you know how these kids of
today are. They like keeping secrets until it gets too much for
them to handle, and then that’s where trouble creeps in.”

Excerpt from Chapter 4

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

Morning broke out, and in Melbourne Heights once again
everyone was busy with their daily routines. Laura heard
a knock on her bedroom door. She opened it to find her mother
wanting to know if she wanted to talk and whether she knew
what had caused Tom to lose control of his car.

“Mother, I don’t know anything about Tom’s accident.”

But Mrs. Ben wasn’t buying Laura’s story. “Okay, I will see
you later when I get home from work,” she said, closing the door
behind her.

Meanwhile, Laura was racked with guilt. Stephen dropped
by unannounced, wanting to thank Laura for not telling Megan
what was going on, knowing that it had to be really hard to keep
such a big secret from her. Laura started crying and held on to

The Pope

Today was a great day for me, I watched the Pope on t.v giving a historic speech to congress and us the American people. It was a beautiful and touching speech. We must never look down on anyone no matter what station there are at in life. what stood out for me was #the number one golden rule# do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Excerpt from Chapter 3

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 3:

Bright and early the next morning, Sam was calling Laura’s
phone off the hook, but Laura never picked up. There was
a knock on Laura’s door; it was Matt, puzzled from the day
before about the tone in Laura’s voice concerning Tom. She told
Matt what had happened to Tom and how he came to end up in
the hospital. Matt was devastated, because he knew that he was
just as guilty as Laura. They had been keeping their secret for so
long, but Laura had never told Matt what she had told Tom. After
all, he didn’t need to know anything else at this time because
Tom was still in a coma.

Matt wanted to go see Tom right away, because they were
good friends and he wanted to be there for him. Matt and Laura
left for the hospital. As they opened the front door of the house,
Sam was standing there, about to ring the doorbell. They all just
looked at each other, then hugged and got into Sam’s limousine.

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

Tom was fifteen minutes away from where he thought Matt
and Megan would still be. He took the expressway, as he
was getting angrier at the thought of the deceit that lay within his
circle of friends. Suddenly he lost control of his car and crashed
it into one of the side banks, causing a major traffic jam on the
highway. Tom was knocked unconscious; he was not responding
to the paramedics. He had to be airlifted to the Dane Edwards
Memorial Hospital, where both of Laura’s parents worked. He
was rushed to the emergency room with serious head trauma.

When Matt and Megan reached the house where everyone
was gathered, no one seemed to notice that Tom was missing but
Laura. She was standing there with her parents at her side.
Stephen’s parents were overwhelmed with joy for their son; they
knew how much he loved Megan. Stephen’s mom had given him
her great-grandmother’s ring for him to propose to Megan with.
The ring had been passed down to her from generation to generation.

Ask a question about the characters

Will tom spills what he knows and even go deeper with the darkest secret of them all

what will happen to Megan and Stephen

will tom still want Laura

Who shot Sam or did she get shoot?

What are the Thorpe’s really about

Book( 2)  will be a book never to be forgotten

Dear readers, i am so grateful to you all and it makes me feel really bless that i am part of your lives, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Excerpt from Chapter 1

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

As Megan was on the verge of breaking up with Stephen, he
was about to propose to her. On the night of their firstyear
anniversary, he had all of their close friends ready to enjoy
the occasion with them. Little did he know that his heart was
about to be broken, for the woman of his dreams was about to
shatter his soul by telling him that she was in love with his best
friend, Matt.

For Stephen, Matt was like the brother he never had. They
had grown up together—from preschool through high school.
Matt was drafted from college after playing there on a football
scholarship, and Stephen went on to be a very successful lawyer,
eventually making partner at the Lloyds & Banks Law Firm in
Chicago, now called Lloyds, Banks, & Dunn Law Firm, located in
the heart of downtown Chicago.

The love of writing

I love writing, it gives me the feel of excitement about creating something new for my readers to enjoy.i love that my readers can have the feeling of knowing the characters that i have created. From the first few chapters in my book you feel like you are a part of the story and you also feel like you know the characters so well that it almost feels real.