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Excerpt from Chapter 15

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 15:

Sam checked her phone and saw that she had a missed call
from Mr. Michaels. She started to wonder why he was calling
her again. She sat back in her chair and rubbed her hand
through her hair. She looked at her phone again, then turned it
off, forgetting that Jesse had said he would call her later.

After a while she got started on her workload. As she
worked, she started thinking about Mr. Michaels again, wondering
how his daughter even put up with him and his controlling
ways. She actually felt sorry for Grace even though she had never
met her before.

Suddenly a knock on the door startled Sam. It was Sarah,
and to Sam’s surprise, Sarah was sobbing.

“I am such a fool! I thought he cared about me.”

Excerpt from Chapter 14

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 14:

“Laura is there anything else you want me to know?”

“No, Jesse. Why?”

“Because I don’t believe that this is all of the secrets. We
were together for only a short period of time, but I know you like
I know the palm of my hand. I know that you are keeping so
many more secrets inside of you.”

Laura looked at Jesse with pain in her eyes. She then said,
“That’s all there is, I promise. Are you satisfied now?”

Excerpt from Chapter 13

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

Melissa and Chloe walked through the door together and
saw their parents with big smiles on their faces. The two
girls knew that those smiles were signs of good news. The girls ran
into their parent’s arms, and the four of them stood there in a circle
for a long time, hugging and crying without speaking. They then
praised God, then left for the hospital to see their son and brother.
When the Blanchard’s arrived at Tom’s bedside, they ran into Matt
and Sam, and they all laughed, hugged, and cried together again.

After a while, Matt and Sam decided to leave so that the
Blanchard’s could have some private alone time with Tom. As
soon as Matt and Sam were about to step into the elevator, they
ran into Stephen, who was exiting it. Sam gave Stephen a huge
hug and said to him, “Tom is going be okay.”

Excerpt from Chapter 12

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 12:

The Bays arrived home, and George hugged his wife, Beth,
tightly as he told her that his daughter would come around
eventually. Beth sobbed in his arms.

Meanwhile Mr. Michaels was beginning to set his plan in
motion to destroy Sam in any way that he could. He already had his
private investigators digging up any dirt on Beth, looking to find out
where she came from and what was her life like before she met the
Bays. Then he planned to go after Sam’s childhood life to learn why
her father had a younger wife and was no longer with Sam’s mother.

Excerpt from Chapter 11

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 11:

Sam returned to her workplace ready for a hard day’s work.
The first person whom she saw when she got to the front
door of her office was Mr. Austin Michaels. He eagerly got out of
his chair, and Sam walked up to him and said, “Hello. I remember
you! Why don’t you come into my office?”

He smiled. “Will do.”

Before Sam could sit down at her desk, Mr. Michaels started
out very abruptly. “I am going to give you one more chance to
accept my daughter at your school. I wanted her to be here for
her birthday, but you made sure that that didn’t happen. I can
make things very bad for you if I do not get what I want. I hate to
disappoint Grace. She means everything to me, and you are making
it very hard for me to give her what she wants most in the

Excerpt from Chapter 10

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

By the time Sam got to the Red Shack Bar, Jesse was already
there, and he did not look like he was in a very good
mood. Sam asked, “What’s the matter with you now?”

“I went over to see Matt,” he replied.

“You did what?”

“I thought that Matt and I could sit down and talk like two
adults, but instead things got out of hand and he threw me out.”

“But, Jesse, you know to stay away from him! Matt is not the
easiest person to talk to, especially if things are not going well for
him. Matt is very strong-headed, and it is very easy to have a confrontation
with him. And besides, he’s never liked seeing you
and Laura together”

“Look who’s walking in the door.”

Excerpt from Chapter 9

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

Matt had gotten drunk. The next day he slept on his couch
all day. He really didn’t care if he lived or died. He was
on a guilt trip about what he had done to Tom and Stephen, and
he was taking it really hard. He was not in the mood to talk with
anyone. But he had to be careful because he did not want
Stephen to find out yet, even though he knew that his secret
would come out sooner or later.

Matt started contemplating what he would do to Sam and
how he would do it. All sorts of thoughts started running
through his head. Then his phone rang. It was Megan again, but
he still didn’t answer, so this time she left him a message asking
him to give her a call. She said she really needed to talk with him
about everything that was going on and she didn’t understand
how he could have changed so much.

Excerpt from Chapter 8

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 8:

Megan had fallen asleep on the couch, but now she was
up and remembering that she had to meet Stephen at
the hospital. She tried calling him, but his phone kept going to
voice mail. Eventually she left him a message telling him that she
had worked late and she wouldn’t be able to make it but that she
would see him at home.

She started dinner to take her mind off things, and her
phone rang.

It was Sarah.

“Hello there. How are you?”

“I am enjoying myself here in the cold Colorado weather,
just having lots of fun and meeting new people on the ski

Excerpt from Chapter 7

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 7:

Megan finally got ahold of Laura, and they planned to
meet at the coffee shop on Border Street around 1 P.M.
Megan got there first, and as she was waiting for Laura, she happened
to look up and see Tom’s sister Melissa. She called out to
her and waved for her to come over and chat while she waited for

Melissa came over and joined Megan. “How is everyone
doing, Melissa?”

“We are trying to keep it together. It’s hard, but we will get
through it as a family.”

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Our Lives by Sharyan Alleyne

Excerpt from Chapter 6:

While Stephen and Megan were on their way home, they
both were in shock about the condition that Tom was
in. They felt so much pain for his parents and sisters, and they
wondered how they would ever get through this horrific tragedy
that had stricken their lives.

Stephen said to Megan, “I am so sorry that I never got a
chance to meet Tom’s parents before. How could we have let that
pass us by? We were always hanging out with him, and not once
did we ever think to say to him, ‘Tom, we want to meet your family,’
and now . . . this is how we have to meet them.”

Megan held on to Stephen’s hands and said, “Please don’t
blame yourself. It’s not your fault that any of this happened. And
knowing Tom, he would want us to be strong in a situation like